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System Configuration and LCFG: Tutorial Workshop 13th June 2007: Programme and Downloads

13th June 2007
Appleton Tower, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Main Programme Presenters

Programme and Downloads

The Hands-On tutorial sections were done using a vmware image (named lcfgfc6) which can be used with vmplayer. The directory containing the necessary parts is available for download. We also have an ISO image which contains the vmware directory, and also all the header files and the packages used (based on the 2007060401a release - note it is 2.6GB).

Introduction to System Configuration Slides Recording (quicktime)
LCFG Basics Slides Recording (quicktime)
Working with the File Component Slides (starts at page 22) Recording (quicktime)
Beyond the File component Slides Recording (quicktime)
Writing LCFG Components Slides No recording exists of this session because the microphone failed. Sorry!
Prescriptive Management Slides Recording (quicktime)
Site Management Slides Recording (quicktime)