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System Configuration and LCFG: Tutorial Workshop 13th June 2007

13th June 2007
Appleton Tower, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Main Programme Presenters

System Configuration is the process of transforming a collection of raw hardware and software into an integrated "system" which continuously and correctly serves a specific function - for example a computing "cluster" or a student laboratory. LCFG is one tool which helps to automate this process.

The workshop introduced the underlying principles of system configuration, and showed how LCFG can be used to help automate the process. Throughout the day talks were interspersed with hands-on sessions including the creation of new components, as well as the configuration of real systems, using components provided with the LCFG distribution. Attendees were also shown how to extend LCFG for their own site and given some pointers on starting an LCFG installation.