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System Configuration and LCFG: Tutorial Workshop 13th June 2007: Presenters

13th June 2007
Appleton Tower, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Main Programme Presenters

The Presenters

The presenters were Paul Anderson, Kenneth MacDonald, Stephen Quinney and Alastair Scobie of the University of Edinburgh.

Paul Anderson has been involved in system configuration for over 15 years and is the author of the SAGE system configuration booklet, as well as many other papers on the subject. He is the original author of the core LCFG framework.

Kenneth MacDonald has been creating configuration systems on MS Windows across the University of Edinburgh for ten years and has recently used LCFG to develop an institution-wide devolved service which configures Macs and Linux managed clients integrated into the University's MS Active Directory.

Stephen Quinney maintains and develops much of LCFG and has recently ported it to Fedora Core 6 and Fedora 64 bit platforms.

Alastair Scobie ported LCFG to Linux, is the author of its package management facilities and is heavily involved in its ongoing development.